Battle Rappers Should Start Their Own Leagues

Battle Rap Leagues

Battle Rappers Should Start Their Own Leagues

Battle rap culture is a major force in hip hop generating tons of viewers daily. However, there are only a select few battle leagues that seem to get the attention. And while many factors that go into making these leagues the top ones; including their roster of performers, organization of events, sponsors and more.

We believe there should be more battle rappers stepping up to the plate to start their own leagues, like Arsonal, and John John Da Don. The two above mentioned emcees were smart in that they were able to take something they participated and helped to build, and used it to create their own leagues.

Hence giving opportunity to other battle emcees. Both Arsonal and John John Da Don were able to empower themselves by starting their own leagues. This has us asking why other popular battle rap emcees don’t follow suite and create their own leagues?

Many of them are very visible brands that would be able to solidify sponsors and artist who would all participate. So, the question is why isn’t this happening more? Could it be they don’t see the value in doing it themselves? Do they no know how to go about putting it together? Do they have the right teams in place to help them put together a rap battle league?  One things for certain, there’s a lane for those who do create their own leagues because the viewership from fans is holding steady.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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