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17 Years Since The Genocide In Rwanda

Today marks the 17th anniversary of the tragedy that occurred in the east African nation of Rwanda. During a period of 17 days, an estimated one million people were slaughtered. The assassination of Juvenal Habyarinan, the Rwandan President was the last straw for many people and caused the Hutus to retaliate and fight back. Prior to the assassination of the President, Rwanda had been undergoing many problems due to the Tutsi people mistreatment of the Hutu people. The Tutsi’s endorsed by  colonialism of Germany were encouraged to exhibit harsh treatment towards the Hutu people for years.  German colonialism divided the two groups based on differences between the two. The Tutsi represented the minority and were lighter in skin tone, while the Hutu people represented the majority and were darker in skin tone. These issues compounded over a long period of  time, is the root for the continuous problems in Rwanda and ultimately sparked the genocide. Rwanda continued to face problems following the genocide, in fact problems such as this exist throughout the world and it’s unfortunate that brothers and sisters of the same nations are continued to be divided by skin tones. Please be sure to read up on this if you haven’t already done so.  Let’s all remember those lives that were lost and do our part to make the world a better place for the future.

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