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A Recap Of Day 10 In The Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial

The Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, for his role in the death of Michael Jackson, resumed yesterday. During the trial, the prosecutors showed a picture of a dead Michael Jackson, lying on the autopsy table. This picture appeared to be very disturbing to his family and fans, who did not want to see the picture. The photo was taken a day after, Michael died and before the autopsy began.

Dr. Christopher Rogers who’s the Los Angeles County deputy medical examiner, that conducted the autopsy, took the witness stand to offer his testimony. Rogers testified that Murray, who informed the police that he treated Michael with propofol, during the police interview, was a factor for him ruling Michael’s death as a homicide, instead of an accidental death. Rogers informed the prosecution, that it was unlikely that Michael administered the deadly dose of propofol.

However, when he was cross examined by the defense, Rogers stated it was physically possible for Michael to have injected himself with propofol. Rogers also stated that Murray was negligent, because if he left the room as Murray states, and left a patient with access to deadly medication, and also did not have the proper equipment to administer, or monitor Michael when giving him propofol.

In addition to the propofol, the issue  involving the drug lorazepam, also came up during yesterday’s testimony from Rogers. A recent toxicology report, concluded that the lorazepam level found in Michael’s stomach, was four times higher than the amount found in his blood. This conclusion is in alignment with the defense who believes Michael ingested a large amount of lorazepam orally. Rogers agreed that it’s possibly Michael did ingest the lorazepam orally. The trial continues today, with testimony from prosecutions witnesses, a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist, and a sleep expert.

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