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A Recap Of Day 11 In The Conrad Murray Manslaughter Trial

The Conrand Murray manslaughter trial for his role in Michael Jackson’s death continued yesterday, with testimony from cardiologist Dr. Alon Steinberg , and Dr. Nadel Kanangar sleep expert from UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Steinberg offered his testimony, in which he said, Dr. Murray was wrong for using the propofol as a sleep aid in the home, and not having proper medical equipment to treat Michael in the home as well. Dr. Steinberg concluded that it  makes Murray, completely negligent in Michael’s death. Steinberg went onto say, the use of propofol to treat Jackson’s insomnia was another extreme deviation from medical standards that contributed to Michael’s death.

Testimony was also heard from Dr. Nader Kananger, the sleep expert. According to Dr. Kananger, there is no theraputic value in using propofol as a sleep aid when treating a patient for insomnia. Dr. Steinberg states that Michael would perhaps still be alive today, if Dr. Murray followed proper procedures. In addition, both doctors agreed that Dr. Murray’s, delay in calling 911, may have been a major factor into Michael death.

The defense was able to cross examine Dr. Steinberg who spoke about what Dr. Murray said to the Los Angeles police during a taped recorded interview. Dr. Steinberg made mention of Murray telling the police that he used the propofol as a drip to render it to Michael, however the defense was able to prove that Murray did not disclose this to the police, during that particular interview. Dr. Steinberg agreed that misinterpreted the statement and agreed to redact the statement.

However despite the mishap, Dr. Steinberg remained stern when referring to Dr. Murray being negligent in Michael’s death. The trial resumes today with cross examination of Dr. Kamangar from the defense, as well as testimony from an anesthisoligist.

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