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MC’s Unhappy With Placement On MTV’s “Hottest MCs” List


MC’s Unhappy With Placement On MTV’s “Hottest MCs” List

The MTV Hottest MC list was unveiled this past week and apparently some MC’s are not happy with their placement on the list.

The always vocal and expressive Kanye west called in to Hot 97‘s DJ Enuff to discuss MTV’s list, on which he placed at #7. Ye stated “For me, I feel like in order for them to put me at #7, they had to bring up things that they didn’t like – the Cruel Summer album. And I’m like, that’s a compilation, it ain’t all rappers on G.O.O.D. Music…they want to diss me and be like, ‘He did Cruel Summer and he can’t say he ain’t a part of it because he’s on eight records’…their decision is definitely not based on a body of work.”Maybe Kanye has a point!

On another note Harlem’s ASAP Rocky also expressed why he should of been placed number 1 on the list of “Hottest MCs”.

In a recent interview with LA LEAKERS ASAP stated “All my videos are shitting on any Hip Hop video out there. Let’s be honest. The reason why everybody is wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody’s wearing diamonds. I’m the one who made the John Lennon shades with the glasses—everybody wearing it now, you see what’s going on now. Come on, who brought gold teeth back? Let’s be honest…Honestly, I brought it back in a dramatic way. I made braids hot. Let’s get off trends.”

He continued saying “Forget trends, let’s get off trends. Lets get back to the music. Who brought double time back? Who was rapping like Bone? Nobody. Who brought that flow out? I don’t even use it no more. Everybody using this. Everybody rapping like that now.

He concluded with “It’s frustrating when I’m number eight. Don’t put me at all. I need to be number one.”

Check ASAP Rocky’s the interview below:

If you ask us they both need to put their skirts down literally no pun intended, I mean who is MTV to decided who the hottest MC’s really are. If you feel you’re the hottest MC well guess what! that’s all you need, ASAP and Kanye shouldn’t even acknowledge the list at all I mean future made the list really, so he’s a rapper? C’mon son! (Ed lover voice).


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