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Mitt Romney Offshore Accounts Is Different From His Message (video)

Mitt Romney’s Offshore Accounts Different From His Jobs Creation Message

The climate in Washington D.C., with respect to Congress, continues to be stagnant when it comes to creating jobs. Instead, the GOP is focusing on attempting to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, and take away women’s abortion rights.

Based on the inaction’s of Congress, it appears as though they’re still not doing anything to improve the economy. However, the GOP will often say they are about job creation.

The GOP seems to be waiting until after, the 2012 Presidential election, to actually do anything. As the 2012 presidential election gets closer, we are learning more about GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

It’s now being reported that, Mitt Romney has several off shore accounts; which are presumably used to shield his income from paying taxes in the U.S.

And while Romney didn’t do anything illegal, it makes his message of trying to improve America’s economy sound like a series of lies;based on his actions.

Romney’s message seems to run on the notion that he, is a job creator. However, taking money out of the country to avoid paying taxes in the U.S., is partially responsible for the downsizing of jobs in America.

In addition, Mitt Romney seems to be refusing to release his tax returns for multiple years; a procedure that’s typically done for any Presidential candidate.

This makes Mitt Romney’s entire message appear to be questionable. Again, we stress that everyone register and exercise their right to vote!

Watch Ed Schutlz of MSNBC explain reasons for Mitt Romney’s off shore accounts below:

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