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Occupy Wall Street Protest Becomes Global

The Occupy Wall Street Protest, that began over four weeks ago, has quickly gained momentum, spreading throughout the U.S. The overall goal for the protest, is to end Wall Streets influence and dominance over the U.S. political system, as well as politicians. The protest, which is being broadcasted through the use of social media, has the whole world watching, as the protestors often say when being attacked by police officers. The fact is the world is watching, and now the world has decided to participate in the protest.

Today, protest have been taking place in Europe and Asia. All of the protest have Occupy as their theme, and they all want to end financial institutions dominance over the world. The protest has been peaceful for the most part, with the exception of Rome, where some protestors have set businesses on fire, and smashed car windows. Rome is currently suffering from extremely poor economy with tremendous debt, second to Greece.

Opportunities for advancement are limited in Rome, due to this fact, and the people in Rome appear to be frustrated with the crumbling economy. It will be interesting to see what the outcome is following the protest, with respect to political policies. We will continue to cover the protest and keep you updated on any changes.

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