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U.S. Bridges & Roads In Need Of Major Repair

Its no secret that U.S. infrastructure is in need of major repair. All you have to do is take a ride through the country and you can clearly see the debilitating bridges and roads. For example, when riding across the Washington Bridge, which is the bridge that connects the Bronx to Manhattan in New York City, there are pot wholes and unpaved road on the bridge making it difficult to drive on. Now the Washington Bridge opened in 1889 and is in need of major repair.  In addition, the Cross Bronx Expressway is also in need of major repair, and is always congested with respect to traffic. In the case of the Cross Bronx Expressway, a plan needs to be implemented to reduce the amount of traffic congestion. The Cross Bronx Expressway connects Interstate 95, which brings commerce through the east coast.  The Sherman Minton Bridge that connects Kentucky to Indiana, has been closed abruptly. The closing of this bridge came after inspectors found cracks in its steel. According to reports, its scheduled to be closed for over 6 months. The Sherman Minton Bridge, is only 50 years old and allowed for commerce to be bought into both Kentucky and Indiana. Now that the bridge is closed, commerce has been affected as well as congestion for the Kennedy and Clark Memorial bridges, which are located in the surrounding areas. It’s clear that something must be done to improve our eroding bridges and roads, before something catastrophic happens. Part of the American Jobs Plan is to improve infrastructure in America. Based on these examples alone, Congress should act and pass the bill, so that we save our infrastructure and keep the American people safe when traveling on U.S. bridges and roads. Once again it’s up to the people to speak up and ask Congress to act on the bill. If your unaware about who your local Congressmen is, or how to get in contact with them, simply log onto:

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