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Video/Poll: Do You Agree With Morgan Freeman That The GOP’s Goals Are Racist?

There’s no denying that the Tea Party, which is a subsidiary of the GOP/ Republican Party, goal is to make sure President Obama does not serve a second term. They seem to adamant about shooting down President Obama’s policies and speak about him as if he were a criminal. For example, during the CNN Tea Party debate, Michelle Bachman made the bold statement that President Obama stole $500 billion from Medicare, to put into what they’ve coined to be Obamacare. This language insinuates that Obama is some sort of thief that’s untrustworthy. The Tea Party only began to service after President Obama was elected. And from day one, the Tea Party have been adamant about making sure the President had a difficult time doing his job. The GOP seems to have embraced the Tea Party. No matter how extreme their comments have been, from questioning whether President Obama was born in the U.S. with the birther issues, to record filibusters by Republican Senators, who appear to shoot down everything President is proposing, even if they previously supported it, or proposed the bill themselves at some point. The GOP has never come out against the Tea Party’s extreme statements, instead they seem to egg them on by supporting them. Well, legendary Oscar award winning actor, Morgan Freeman, appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan, last night. During the interview, Morgan Freeman spoke up and said the GOP’s goals are in fact racist. Below is a clip of the segment with Piers Morgan and Morgan Freeman. Do you agree with Morgan Freeman that the GOP’s goals are racist?

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Do You Agree With Morgan Freeman That The GOP's Goals Are Racist?

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