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Websites Fade To Black On Wednesday In Protest Of SOPA Bill

Several websites including Wikipedia will be fading to black on Wednesday. This means there will be no content for viewers to see during the entire day. The sites are protesting the anti-piracy bill, known as Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA); which is set to crack down on copyright infringement by restricting access to sites that fuel it.

The issue with the bill, that’s currently up for vote in the House of Representatives; is that its ambiguously written, and could have major adverse affects for a large number of websites. For example, there are sites such as Torrents, that do offer free movie and music downloads; which does infringe upon the motion picture and recording industry.

However, because the bill is loosely written; sites who simply post music or videos to promote a story, may also be affected. The bill is set to allow law enforcement to shut down websites, that are deemed to be in violation of copyright infringement.

The Obama administration is not satisfied with the bill, and has decided to form a committee; in effort to rewrite the bill, so that websites as a whole are not affected. The bill has placed a wedge between tech companies who are opposed to the bill,  and the entertainment industry whose all for the passing of the bill.

This is something that we will follow closely, as it affects our site as well. We sure hope that sites are not shutdown, due to a loosely written and unfair bill.

For additional information on how you can get involved please go the to the following link:

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