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Why Is Hip Hop Not More Involved With The Occupy Movement?

We’ve been reporting about the efforts of the Occupy movement since it began two months ago. Our goal in writing about the movement, was to keep you informed about what the Occupy movement stood for, in hopes of educating people who; do not typically follow the political system.

While the Occupy movement is growing daily, and gaining momentum as it spreads; it doesn’t appear as though hip hop culture is behind this movement, with exception of a few.  If you take a look at many hip hop artist/executives tweets, you will not see a whole lot of support for the Occupy movement. Yet, many of the issues, that the Occupy movement stands for, directly impacts urban areas; from which many of the artist/executives come.

It appears as though, artist are more concerned with selling their product to the public, then actually helping the buying public, that purchased their material in the first place. If people are not employed, or underemployed; this means their limited with respect to what they can afford to purchase. This is not complicated, instead it’s very simple.

Could it be record companies preventing artist from showing their support, or are some artist just not concerned. Whatever the case is,  we’re not clear as to why there aren’t more hip hop artist/leaders helping to spread the message of Occupy movement. What are your thoughts about this? Feel free to talk yours here!

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